Getting control on all snapshots in your vSphere enviroment. Scan your System, Create and Delete snapshots in groups and sequentially.

SnapButler helps you to getting a overview of your vSphere enviroments snapshots, list informations of them. Create and delete them in groups, all together or sequentially.


Scan Snapshot Information

Scan for existing snapshots in your entry enviroment. Get information of VM Name, Snapshot Name, Description, created Time and Initiators Username.

Delete Snapshots

Delete marked Snapshots and use Action Options depending on the amount of snaphots.


  • Delete marked Snapshots sequential
  • Delete marked Snapshots all together
  • Delete marked Snapshots in Groups


Create Snapshots

Create Snapshots of defined text input. This one could be comma or semicolon delimeted. Validate your input against in vCenter existing VM’s and get them power state and number of remaining snapshots per VM.

Create Snapshots with VMware provided Optoins:

  • Take Snapshot from virtual memory
  • Quiesce filesystem

Create Snaphots with Action Options:

  • Take Snapshots sequentially
  • Take all Snapshots togehter
  • Take Snapshots in Group (user defined group size)

Task Progress & Overview

Get an overview of all initated Jobs of SnapButler with Progress Status percental.


getting involved:

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